Announcements and Research
Axiom ZK Intensive Program
Announcing the Axiom ZK Intensive.
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Axiom Open Source Program
Announcing the second iteration of the Axiom Open Source Program.
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Axiom: The first ZK coprocessor scaling data-rich applications on Ethereum
Announcing the release of the Axiom mainnet alpha on Ethereum.
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Trustlessly Accessing Uniswap TWAP Oracles with Axiom
Explaining our demo of checkpoint-free Uniswap v3 TWAP oracles via Axiom, supported by a grant from the Uniswap Foundation.
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The first Axiom Open Source Program
Announcing the first iteration of the Axiom Open Source Program.
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Open-sourcing the Axiom ZK Circuits
Announcing the open-sourcing of the Axiom ZK circuits, describing our ZK circuit framework and libraries on top of halo2, and inviting community contributions.
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How Axiom works
Explaining how Axiom caches historic block hashes and verifies queries against this cache to provide smart contracts with trustless access to on-chain data.
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Introducing Axiom
Introducing Axiom, a ZK coprocessor for Ethereum which provides smart contracts trustless access to all on-chain data and arbitrary expressive compute over it.
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