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We believe community education is critical for ZK-based applications. Learn more about Axiom and our open-source ZK circuit libraries in the talks and podcasts below.
Strange Water Podcast: Installing Ethereum's ZK Coprocessor with Yi Sun
The current landscape of cryptography is exceptionally dynamic and promising. However, there is a significant hurdle to overcome: the intricate and abstract nature of cryptographic mathematics has made it difficult for application developers and those without a strong math background to utilize these powerful tools effectively. This challenge is exacerbated in fields like blockchain and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which require specialized skills and understanding. Enter Axiom, a company co-founded by Yi Sun, which is working on a ZK-coprocessor for the EVM. Axiom's approach simplifies the integration of complex Zero-Knowledge (ZK) cryptography into smart contracts by offloading the task off-chain and delivering results with ZK-proof, making it more accessible for developers.
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I Pledge Allegiance Podcast: Axiom, Coprocessors, and Commercializing Zero-Knowledge Tech
In this episode, we chat with Yi Sun, founder of Axiom. We begin with an overview of what Axiom does and the core problems it's solving for Ethereum applications. Then, we dig into Axiom's go-to-market strategy, some of the use cases they're supporting, and some of the capabilities they're building for in the future. We also explore the broader zero-knowledge landscape, and the dynamics of building commercial products in a space that evolves so rapidly.
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Modular Summit: Axiom, The First ZK Coprocessor Scaling data-rich applications on Ethereum.
​The Modular Summit was a two-day event to learn from the visionary builders at the forefront of the modular blockchain revolution. Yi Sun, founder of Axiom, discusses how Axiom, the first ZK Coprocessor on Ethereum, is scaling data-rich applications with the power of zero knowledge proofs on the main stage.
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Jessy's Hacker House EthCC: Cryptographic credible commitment schemes for validator infrastructure panel
​Moderator: @theyisun. Panelists: @OisinKyne the Cofounder of Obol Network, the Cofounder @ChundaMcCain of Ion Protocol, and @MikeSilagadze the Cofounder of EtherFi
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ZK Paris: Using ZK to Enhance the EVM with Axiom
Yi Sun presents Using ZK to enhance the EVM with Axiom at zkParis on July 20th 2023 on the main stage. ZK Paris brings together the leaders and builders in the zero knowledge community and is presented by Geometry and ZKvalidator.
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Jessy’s Hacker House EthCC: Trustless Generalized Oracles on Ethereum for Defi
​Join us as we chat through Defi use cases for trustless generalized oracles on Ethereum, such as creating trustless price oracles, on-chain gas prices, fee rebates, and optimal batch auction results.
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Jessy's Hacker House EthCC: Building data-rich apps on Ethereum with Axiom
​Build data-rich applications on Ethereum which can access all historic on-chain data trustlessly with Axiom. Yi Sun and Roshan Palakkal lead a workshop on: (1) What is the Axiom ZK Coprocessor (2) How to use the Axiom mainnet alpha and SDK (3) A special prerelease of some upcoming features.
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No Execution Podcast: Exploring ZK proofs in the modular stack
In this episode of the No Execution Podcast we explore ZK proofs in the modular stack. What ZK proofs are, what new applications will become possible, and much more. We are joined by guests Brian Retford, Preston Evans, and Yi Sun. Moderated by Nick White.
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ETH Shanghai: Adding reflection to the EVM with Axiom
We present Axiom, the ZK coprocessor scaling data-rich applications on Ethereum. We discuss the technical underpinnings of Axiom, new applications it enables, and our longer-term technical vision.
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ZK Podcast: Expanding Computation on Ethereum with Axiom
Anna sits down with Yi Sun, co-founder of Axiom. Yi was recently on the show to discuss ZK ML, however this time they take a closer look at the Axiom project and what it means to be a ZK coprocessor for Ethereum. During the interview they also explore what problems Axiom are trying to solve, how ZKPs are used to help bring historic data into smart contracts and what new use cases this architecture can support.
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ZK Summit 9: Adding reflection to the EVM with Axiom
Axiom is a ZK coprocessor for Ethereum which provides smart contracts trustless access to all on-chain data and arbitrary expressive compute over it. By performing verified reads from raw on-chain data, we allow smart contracts to trustlessly introspect about the state of the chain, thereby adding reflection to the EVM. We will discuss challenges and techniques for implementation as well as new use cases Axiom enables.
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ZK Symposium: Axiom: The ZK Coprocessor for Ethereum
We present Axiom, a new ZK coprocessor that enables smart contracts to access historic on-chain data. We discuss what Axiom can enable and the ZK architecture underlying it.
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Future Computing Research Workshop: Reflection and Introspection in Blockchains
We discuss how reflection and introspection interact can be made possible on blockchains through recent advances in ZK. We then discuss what new applications are enabled by this perspective on blockchain computing.
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ZK Podcast: Where ZK and ML intersect with Yi Sun and Daniel Kang
Anna Rose and Tarun Chitra dive back into the topic of ZK ML with guests Yi Sun, co-founder of Axiom, and Daniel Kang, Assistant Professor of computer science at UIUC. They discuss Yi and Daniel’s previous academic work and what led them to get interested in ZK topics and specifically ZK ML. They then dive into a discussion about 2 recent papers which examine the use of ZK within Machine Learning architectures.
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Applied ZK Workshop: Scaling up Trustless Neural Network Inference with Zero-Knowledge Proofs
We present the first ZK-SNARK proof of valid inference for a full resolution ImageNet model. We will describe the arithmetization and quantization optimizations enabling us to SNARK large neural networks as well as a software package enabling transpilation from off-the-shelf models to halo2 circuits. We design protocols using our circuits to verify machine learning model predictions and accuracy and present concrete estimates of overhead costs based on our circuit implementations. This is joint work with Daniel Kang, Tatsunori Hashimoto, and Ion Stoica.
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Applied ZK Workshop: ZK Circuits for Elliptic Curve Operations in halo2
We present halo2-ecc, a ZK circuit library for elliptic curve operations in halo2. Our library implements multi-scalar multiplication, optimal Ate pairing, and ECDSA verification on curves including BN254 and Secp256k1. We will show benchmarks for these operations as well as applications to recursion and aggregation of halo2 proofs.
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Devcon 6: ZK Application Design Patterns (with Lakshman Sankar)
We build a brief mental model of zkSNARKs and give an overview of application design patterns and techniques for ZK-enabled apps. We discuss the overall landscape of proving environments and applications of each: the affordances of browser proving, mobile proving, server proving, GPU proving, etc. We'll go over the current state of the art and key benchmarks, and how improvements across the landscape can unlock new applications of both privacy and succinctness.
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DevConnect 2022: Elliptic Curves, Pairings, and RSA in Circom (with Steven Hao and gubsheep)
We present implementations of ECDSA, elliptic curve pairings, and RSA in circom, as well as some of their applications.
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DevConnect 2022: zkAttestor: Block and State Attestations on Ethereum
zkAttestor produces trustless zkSNARK-based on-chain attestations to data from any Ethereum state or block, trustlessly verified on-chain in a smart contract which caches historical block hashes. Use cases might include identity, dapp primitives involving history, and on-chain reputation.
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